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Y3 Clothing


Y3 Clothing is a mens fashion collaboration between sportswear giant Adidas and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. As an official Y3 stockist in the UK, similar to Nudie Jeans Aphrodite Clothing have been a supporter of the Y3 designer brand for years. As the brand gains in popularity, people are finding that Aphrodite are the market leaders in stocking and distributing Y3 Adidas Worldwide. This site is primarily to showcase the Y3 brand as a market leader in designer sportswear.

Y3 Brand


The Y3 fusion of Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto might not have been an obvious one but it works so well. When asked recently about how he felt Y3 had came into its own character, he replied in his own unique way "...very far DNA got married and had a successful baby". By this he obviously means that Adidas and Yamamoto, both from two totally different fields have came together and created a very successful empire. Since their first Collection in 2003, Y3 have gone from strength to strength. Recently they opened their flagship Y3 store in London but have official Y3 stores in France, Italy, Spain and Dubai to name a few.


Y3 Trainers

y3_sprintY3 Boxing Yellow

Y3 Trainers are some of the most sought after designer trainers on the market. Styles such as the Y3 Classic Sprint trainers, Y3 Honja and the Y3 Boxing are in demand year after year. If you are after a different style there is the hi-top Y3 Kazuhiri trainers. Their individual style and finish are second to none. For decades, Adidas Originals trainers have been a popular brand of designer trainers. Coupled with the stylish designs of Yohji Yamamoto, the Y3 collaboration are raising the bar of designer footwear.